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Connecting The World With Good Foodie Goodie-ness: Meet The Kitchen Connect

So Delhi 16 June 2017


Good food that not only tastes nice but makes you healthy and happy too, that’s the exact philosophy upon which The Kitchen Connect was built. Nestled in the busy lane of Dada Jungi Lane in SPJ, they believe in promoting celebrations, enjoyment and joy through activities centering around food. With the firm belief that cooking is the ultimate means of connecting cultures, lifestyle and therefore people, it effortlessly acts as a bridge to bring people from all walks of life together!

Watch Out For This | The Kitchen Connect is associated with a number of brands like Lots Of Learning in Kanpur and My Club Spark in Gurgaon, and in collaboration with several others they whizz out scrumptious goodies during parties to help kids understand more about food based on colours and textures!

Check This Out Too | All children above the age of 3 can participate in myriad activities which are range-free and knife-free while catering to full table layouts for kids. They’ve worked around a slew of themes such as Hawaiian, Ballerina, High Tea Party, Burger Jumbo, Mum Day Out and many more for fun, crazy parties! So cute!

So what say? Go on, become a part of connecting through food!

Hunt Them Down | 5 H, First Floor, Dada Jungi House Lane, Shahpur Jat
Browse Through Their FB Page |
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Insta Handle | @TheKitchenConnect

Ring Ring+91 9999 301 138