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Connecting 141 Destinations, Delhi's IGI Airport Is Most Preferred By Foreign Travellers!


Guys, our very own IGI Airport has made us proud once again and right now, we’re gushing about one of the fastest growing airports in the world. So scroll on as we give you some good news!

IGI’s The Fave Airport For Foreign Tourists | So, the IGI Airport has once again managed to maintain its reputation of being foreign travellers’ most prefered airport while travelling to India and we’re super duper proud! Our dear airport plays host to almost 50% of the total number of passengers entering our country and that’s quite remarkable, don’t you think?

As per the International Air Transport Association data, IGI Airport accounts for 46% of foreign tourists who entered the country and applied for an e-tourist visa. And the inflow of tourists here is almost three times more than Mumbai, which accounts for 16.8% foreign tourists.

Delhi’s IGI, at present, connects 141 destinations, 73 of which are international locations. The airport handles 63.7 million passengers currently and has surpassed Singapore's Changi Airport in terms of growth. It is now the seventh busiest airport in Asia and amongst the 20 busiest airports in the world. And this year, it’s expected to cross the 7 million passenger mark. Wow!

We’re super proud of IGI Airport’s growing importance on the global front. Kudos!

Sourced Via The Times Of India