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Conducted On The Same Day As The Nirbhaya Incident, Go Attend Narinama - The Story of Gender Justice

City Wire 6 Oct 2017


Narinama, the story of gender justice, is an event organised to bring under the limelight the injustice being done against women and how to make things better. It’s held on the same date as the Nirbhaya tragedy in order to honor the brave soul. 

The entire daylong non-stop relay of expressions, thoughts, creativity, dance, music, cinema and art will have artists, academicians, writers, poets and women achievers from all over India converge in a long continuous event, a first of the sort. The aim is to reclaim public spaces for women that too at any time of the day without thinking about negatives rather celebrating the freedom of choice.

So ladies, lets come together and fight this fight with zeal and understanding and hope for a better future for the women all across the globe!

When | Friday, 16th December
Timings | 10:30 AM - 8 PM
Where | Indira Gandhi National Centre of the Arts
Check Out The Event’s FB Page |