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Complete Khichdi | Here's Why Sonakshi Sinha's Akira Didn't Strike a Chord With Us

So Delhi 11 Apr 2018


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Going by the new (and welcome) Bollywood trend of creating films with powerful female leads, a new movie came up today, and it didn’t really strike a chord with us (to say the least!). A film produced and directed by AR Murugadoss, Akira is a remake of the Tamil film Mouna Guru portraying a tale of a misunderstood female college student and how she gallantly fights through it all. 

Akira, featuring Sonakshi Sinha as the lead character, Konkona Sen Sharma and Anurag Kashyap, initially seemed to us like a tale of feminism, of strength and of women empowerment. But well, the feminist component turned out to be a way higher and a little too radical, than expected. 

The film begins with a grim & dark scene with three policemen and three convicts, out of which one turned out to be the female lead, Sonakshi Sinha. And then the story leaves the plot stuck there, handing the audiences a little speck of mystery and pivots to a flashback of Akira’s childhood to show her super strong bond with her dad, and how he had instilled an invincible pillar of strength in her. She happens to stick to that strength and deal with all the menaces that come her way fearlessly. 

To be honest, the first half of the movie was very gripping and to a great extent, inspiring. The way Akira fights the college bullies, the way she deals fearlessly with the policemen is super respectable and commendable. Not to forget, her rampant & fierce kicks and punches in the face of all the people who tried to knock her down are super-satisfying and riveting! 

But then eventually, the story lost its track (and most of its steam), since there were so many things happening at the same time. A girl was shot dead in a room and there was no follow up. Two guys died in a jungle and nothing was added to that either. And to top it all, Akira went on kicking butts and butts of policemen and everybody who got on her nerves. Not very original, is it?

Akira, in a nutshell, turns out to be a combination of strength and softness, but at the same time, unrealistic, for a common woman won’t fight like Rajinikanth now, would she? Though it was good to see Sonakshi Sinha smash the cliches and rip apart her old inhibitions, it didn't really work out well this time. Better luck next time Sonakshi! 

Ratings | 2 / 5