Just this one day at work and then - WEEKEND! 2 days of doing nothing but chilling and lazing around *YAASSS*. And to add a touch of comedy to your much-awaited weekend, here’s what we’ve got you! 

Hop On The Laughter Roller Coaster! | Sonali Thakker is coming over to the capital to set you all on a laughter riot this weekend and we CANNOT wait to head over! Talking about everything from travelling to shopping to the pains of waxing, this girl touches base on every topic that you can think of! 

Her upcoming show ‘Almost There’ is basically what we love her for! And now that she’s coming over to get us rolling with laughter, this is probably gonna be the best weekend of all! *Yayy!*

So come swing by with your friends or whoever matches your humour level the best and have a gala time ROFLing and LMAOing this Saturday! 

When | Saturday, 12th May
Timings | 8 PM Onwards
Where | Playground Comedy Studio - C-2, SDA Market
Book Your Tickets Online Here | https://goo.gl/K2hqtj
RSVP On FB Here | https://www.facebook.com/events/1132665660209911/