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The Sprawling Lal Quarter Market In Krishna Nagar Is A Shopper's Paradise

Delhi Dweller 23 July 2024


Have you ever felt the unique charm of exploring Delhi’s markets? While the well-known markets are often crowded with visitors, sometimes the real adventure lies in discovering the lesser-known gems. One such hidden treasure is the Lal Quarter Market. This sprawling marketplace is full of life and activity, yet surprisingly under the radar. You won't find much information about it online, but that just adds to its allure. If you're looking for an authentic and vibrant market experience, Lal Quarter Market is the place to be!

A Refreshing Change

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Delhi is one major city in India that has still not completely succumbed to the onslaught of fancy malls and departmental stores. The spirit of Delhi comes alive in its traditional markets, but if you think you've already been to Chandni Chowk far too many times, you can consider the markets on the other side of Yamuna, that is, in East Delhi.

The Lal Quarter Market, along with other nearby markets such as the one in Laxmi Nagar, displays similar characteristics. They are located among comparatively more spacious locations with broader roads and cleaner surroundings. The old world, the colonial charm of Old Delhi is missing here, however, a very different endearing feel of the pre-liberalization era is still quite palpable. While multinational fast-food chains have made their presence felt here too, the Lal Quarter Market still makes you feel more like you're at a vibrant village fair rather than a professional, urban marketplace.  

Exploring The Market

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The market is spread across a large area on both sides of the road. Smaller lanes protrude out of the main road and they assimilate with the surrounding residential colonies. This place is a delight for shoppers, especially for women, if you're looking for traditional wear including sarees, bangles, cheap jewellery and other assorted items. One of the lanes here only houses jewellers. A lot of them are dedicated to apparel as well. All of them are interspersed with traditional shops selling Indian sweets and drinks.

You will also find other utility shops selling kitchen appliances, utensils, toys and other miscellaneous items and the market is always populated by street hawkers selling everything from snacks to balloons and from combs to track pants. It gets heavily crowded in the evenings and yes, bargaining will always be your friend! 

Reaching Lal Quarter Market

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Picture Credits: Gagan Upadhyay

The nearest metro station here is Preet Vihar on the Blue Line. But it is still a bit far from there. You need to hire an auto-rickshaw from the station to arrive at the market, which is approachable from all sides as it's well connected with roads to other parts of East Delhi.
There is a large temple on one end of the market. Trendy pizza shops and cafes have cropped up on this site, but they have not been able to find a place within the main market that is still basking in the glory of being a true blue bazaar resonating with the Indian spirit!

Nearest Metro Station | Preet Vihar On Blue Line
Where | Krishna Nagar