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Come July, IITians Will Have To Sign An Undertaking That They Won't Smoke Or Drink Alcohol



Attention all IITians! Starting this year, you will have to sign an undertaking that you’ll not consume liquor, tobacco or drugs of any kind in the campus or in the hostel room. 

More Deets | Earlier, these rules were merely part of the rule book, but now, considering the increasing menace of substance abuse, the administration is going to take some serious steps against any such vices being practised on-campus. 

The prohibition against possession of narcotics and alcohol had been laid out for ages, but the undertaking is a new initiative taken by the administration. While the undertaking officially starts from the next batch in July, the current crop of students are also being asked to sign it.

Hoping this cuts down on the menace of substance abuse amongst the youth!

Sourced Via The Times Of India