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Come Feed Your Undying Lust For Endlessly Adorable & Quirky Notebooks at DailyObjects!

So Delhi 25 July 2016


Designer notebooks have their own charm, don’t they? The way they lay beautifully on the desk, luring you to work and making you a weird kind of happy at the same time! Our undying love for them led us to this amazing online store - DailyObjects. With more than 1,500 funky designs (yes, really!) to choose from, this store is bound to render you spoilt for choice.

Here’s Their Haul | Offering notebooks emblazoned with pretty doodles, super-inspiring badass quotes, pretty floral prints, cute illustrations from your favourite comic shows, A5 notebooks and lots more, they’re all pumped up to cater all your whims and fancies! 

With an everlasting love for pretty notebooks, we’re totally going bananas over their vast collection. Go see it for yourselves!

Price Per Notebook | Rs 296
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