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This Gem Near Siri Fort Was Made Using 1,000 Pillars And We’re As Surprised As You Are!



Hey there, fellow Delhizens! Which corner of the city are you thinking of exploring next once the lockdown is over? Well, just in case you need a little help, we’ve scouted out this hidden gem that you REALLY need to visit soon! Which one, you ask? Read on and find out for yourselves! 

The Palace Of A Thousand Pillars | Did you know that there’s a palace made with a thousand pillars in Delhi? Called Qasr-i-Hazar Sutun, this palace now lies in ruins but you can still see the strong pillars that were once its foundation. These walls of the palace have seen it all - love, hatred, treachery, war, bloodshed and so much more.

It’s commonly believed that this palace was erected by Muhammad bin Tughlaq, the then-Sultan of Delhi. You’ll find this place right outside the Siri For premises, so why don’t you go and check it out when it’s safe to step outside again? Keep your cameras at the ready, ‘cause you’d wanna capture every inch of this place! 

So peeps, thank us later for this fine discovery and scamper over to the palace with a thousand pillars after the lockdown’s lifted!

Where | Qasr-i-Hazar Sutun - Next To Siri Fort