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Come April, Applicants Can Give Their Mother's Name For Driving Licenses & This Is A Big Win!



Looks like Delhi is in the news for all the right reasons these days! In what it calls a progressive step towards gender equality, the Delhi Government's transport department will now let you give your mother’s name on your driving license instead of father’s, if you so prefer.

Here’re The Deets | Currently, applicants are supposed to give their father’s or husband’s name while applying for a driving license, but people applying for a license from April onwards can submit their mother’s name if they wish to! Now that’s something awesome!

This would be a great move for those applicants who do not wish to disclose their father’s name for some reason or have single parents. And guess what? Delhi is touted to be the first state to issue driving licenses with the applicant’s mother’s name on it! That’s pretty cool!

Good going Delhi Government!

Sourced Via The Times Of India