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Snob Box | Clothing & Accessories Handpicked by your Personal Stylist, Delivered to your Doorstep

So Delhi 1 Aug 2016


We've always had that fantasy of having a personal stylist who would pick out outfits suiting our style, body structure and wallets. Snob Box is one such premium service via which you have personal stylists at your beck and call helping you discover great clothes and accessories that make you shine!

How It Works | First off you're suppose to take a little quiz which helps create your style profile and gives the stylists an idea about your taste. Then you'll receive 5 products handpicked by these stylists that fit your style and budget. Also if you're not too happy with any of these, you can easily return it.

Personal Stylists At Your Service | They've got a team of expert stylists who study the latest trends and match what would suit you. They've got a knack to help you dress up in a way that conceals your body's flaws and accessories that work in your favour.

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