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Clever Detailing, Intelligent Cuts & Fabrics Sourced From Around The World - Check Out Surreal

Style Scout 3 Jan 2017


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There’s a clothing brand focussing on men’s evening and club wear and their collection looks pretty fab! Clothing brand Pall Mall’s brainchild, Surreal’s come up with apparel that fits perfectly in the closet of the younger Gen X with their trendy collection!

Calling out to all dapper men who love to dress up in trendsetting outfits while keeping it simple, Surreal is your brand! Defined by intricate detailing, fancy cuts and a mix of fabrics sourced from the rest of the world, this brand makes clothing that stands out. 

If you’re looking for printed shirts, statement jackets, suits, waistcoats and trousers, Surreal is going to be your go-to brand. Head on over and get yourself a fancy suit boys! Their shirts are priced at Rs 1999 onwards! 

Where | GIP Mall In Noida & Metropolis Mall On MG Road, Gurgaon