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City's 1st Clean Street Food Market Built Like An Open-Air Food Court May Come Up Soon HERE

Delhi Insider 25 July 2019


We often hear people complaining about the shoddy cleanliness standards in Delhi, but more often than not, not much is done about it. We just heard about this piece of development that will definitely put a smile on your faces!

Coming Up Next, Clean Street Food Market | So, The Food Safety And Standards Authority Of India (FSSAI), in partnership with Gurgaon’s local authorities, will be setting up a clean street food market in Sector 38. This market will be built like an open-air food court with over 100 vendors wearing identical uniforms and a name tag - nice! The entire market will be cleaned and the vendors will be trained in how to deal with customers in a friendly & polite manner.

Did you know the vendors will wear gloves and the food quality will be monitored by FSSAI itself? Yep. They have already completed the survey & pre-audit for this area and the market is expected to become operational from August.

All you neat freaks, aren’t you jumping with joy right now?

Sourced Via The Times Of India