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Chug Beer @ 70 Buck & Gobble Down More Good Stuff @ Vintage Rates At Cafe 27 In Kailash Colony


We’re sure you’d agree that the temperature in town has made sure we keep ourselves hydrated!  When even a whiff of air seems to be taking away what little moisture we stock up on throughout our indoor stay, water and juices seem to lose their taste in a while. 

However, such a weather also calls for some indulgence that’s hydrating, refreshing AND tasty all at the same time and we have just the deets to share with y’all!

Listen Up | Our beloved go-to haunt in Kailash Colony, Cafe 27 has come bearing such awesome news and we cannot wait to spill the beans! Now every Tuesday and Thursday you can enjoy your favourite drinks priced at vintage rates like never before! Grab a beer for Rs 70, or a Sangria at Rs 110! *WOAH* Glug that Caprioska down for Rs 210 *ONLY* and make that refreshing Mojito yours for as li’l as Rs 210! 

How amazing would it be to taste your favourite drinks and savour it all up with the delectable fare @ the Cafe 27 rooftop? And all this for #VintageRates *woohoo*.

Where | Kailash Colony Market 
When | Every Tuesday & Thursday
Check Out Their FB Page |
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+91 9811 278 880