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Chug A Pint Of Craft Beer @ Rs 4 & Craft Beer Tower @ Rs 44 At This Bar Exchange!


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Loved and frequented for its contemporary vibes, trendy decor and easy-breezy feel that bubbles with frothy promises, Manhattan Bar Exchange & Brewery in G-town tops the charts for a lot of avid drinkers for a lot of reasons. Be it the fare, the vibes or the bar exchange and brewery itself, there’s a lot to appreciate about the place.

They’ve completed 4 years of operations in town and are all set to host four crazy days & nights of celebrations with their patrons who make them what they are. They’re offering ah-mazing deals that you cannot afford to miss out on, so read on!

All The Deets Here | Get ready to chug FOUR craft beers with a 330 ml pint of craft beer priced at just Rs 4, y’all!! *WOAH* You can also get your hands on a tower of 3.5 litres of craft beer for a measly Rs 44 ONLY!

There’s More | They’ll be hosting Club Nights on all four days as well as launch a new menu during the celebrations! What that means is that you’ll get loads of free food trials from the new menu! *NAICE* What’s more, there are gift vouchers worth Rs 4,000 for ‘Best Dressed Lady’, ‘Best Dressed Gentleman’ and the like! *Woohoo*

So, get ready to join the celebration, frothy mugs in hand!

P.S. - No stag entry allowed!

When | 28th - 31st August
Where | Manhattan Bar Exchange & Brewery - 1st Floor, Global Foyer Mall, Sector 43, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon
Here’s Their FB Page |