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Chowmein, Momos & Fruit Beer: We Tried Everything Sweet & Spicy At Momos Point, KNags



In the confusing alleyways of Kamla Nagar, there’s a small joint tucked away, called Momos Point. It’s a small restaurant, with colourful wall paintings and textured and cheerful interior designing. When you enter here, you are transported from the din of the outside world into a quiet place, with low music on the surround speakers, setting up an environment to chat with friends, eat some good food and overall, be happy and enjoy!

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Trying to evade the cold weather, we entered into the warmth of this little establishment and went ahead to order some food. Their menu provides a vast variety to choose from: veg/non- veg appetizers to soups and noodles/rice and seafood as well. Here’s what we dug into!


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From a wide assortment of drinks, we went ahead and ordered a Blue Lagoon and a Fruit Beer (nopes, not a beer-beer). Having tasted blue Lagoons at many other joints, we were obviously expecting something somewhat similar to the regular ones. What came, however, was defo not what we were expecting: a cold drink with a tangy and fresh taste! It was better than many others we had tried, and was cheaper than many others as well. The quantity was pretty good too, and they hadn’t put in too many ice cubes, like many other joints do, which waters down the taste substantially.

The Fruit Beer was again a good, fizzy drink with mixed fruit syrup and soda. We could definitely spot a hint of orange in it as well!

Masala Veg Momos

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This joint has been aptly named as ‘Momos Point’, for sure! We asked our server about the momos he would recommend to us and he immediately said - The Masala Momos. Now these momos are not filled with masala or topped with lots of masala or anything like that. This was a plate of eight giant momos, filled with chopped veggies like onions, cabbage, carrot and garlic and was dipped in a gravy of fiery hot garlic sauce!

We dare you to try this! If you’re fan of hot and spicy dishes, this one is just for you. It was scrumptious and nearly bursting with filling. Try it just for the sake of something different than steamed and fried momos.

Crispy Honey Potato

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Now this is one of those staple vegetarian appetizers that you just gotta try at every place. It just tastes differently everywhere. As it was kept in front of us, it looked hella amazing! It was garnished with finely chopped spring onions, and grated cabbage and carrots were present on the side. Just looking at it, we started drooling!

It was crispy and succulent, hitting the taste buds at just the right spots! We finished it in a matter of minutes! They gave us pretty good quantity as well. Even though the potatoes could have been chopped more finely, we aren’t complaining, ‘cause the taste was damn good!

Chilli Garlic Veg Chowmein

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This is one of those dishes which should have just the right amount of chilli and garlic to balance itself. Believe us when we tell you, this one had that essential balance! The thin, nicely cooked noodles with garnishing of finely chopped spring onions lives up to its name. It is fiery and has that crunchy taste of onions which makes you go - wow! It was hot and the quantity was way too much. We loved every second of devouring it!

If you’re looking for a place to hang out with friends and have a few laughs or just go out with your beau and have a quality meal within budget, then give this place a try. The service is fast and efficient, and you can happily gorge away!

Meal For Two | Rs 500 
Location | Kamla Nagar, Alley Near Keventers