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Chokola Is Delivering Chocolate Truffle Pastry & More To Make Your Days Sweeter



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If there’s one thing that a foodie totally loves, it’s dessert. After all, no meal is ever complete without the perfect decadent ending that makes you sigh in bliss. So we’re here to tell you about this well-known bakery that’s now delivering.

Delivering Happiness! | Chokola is a pretty popular bakery that needs absolutely no introduction to us Delhiites. Known for their range of delectable yummies, these folks are now accepting orders. Yes, they will now be delivering your favourite dishes at the comfort of your home. But hey, make sure the order that you place is above 300 bucks, otherwise, a delivery charge of Rs 50 will be placed on the order. 

You can order up toothsome options like Almond Teacake, Butter Croissant, Eggless Chocochip Cookies and TONS more that will definitely spoil you for choice. So why wait?!

Place your orders today!

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