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Basically A Hub Of Bengali Culture, CR Park Is A Mini Calcutta In The Posh Areas Of South Delhi

So Delhi 5 Nov 2019


Chittaranjan Park or C.R. Park located in South Delhi is the hub of the Bengali culture in Delhi. As one would expect, it is populated mostly by the Bengali community thereby lending the environment a very distinct hue to the capital which for the most parts sports a North Indian culture. The nearest metro station to CR Park would be Nehru Place on the violet line and from there a cycle rickshaw should charge you around 15-25 rupees to take you to the locality.

The Beginning 

Chittaranjan Park was conceptualized as the EPDP Colony (East Pakistan Displaced Persons Colony) in the early 60’s to provide the Bengali diaspora from East Pakistan that had moved to India after partition and its name was later changed to Chittranjan Park, after a Bengali nationalist. CR Park is a closely knit Bengali community even in today’s cosmopolitan ambience.

Let’s Go Fishing

If you are a fish lover, CR Park is the place to be! The fish market of CR Park offers you a variety of fish and seafood products. The market is crowded during the evenings when people are out to choose fresh fish for dinner. Some shops like Sampad & Sukhendu Fish Shop also offer home delivery options saving you time and energy spent at the market which off late has become overly crowded and also at times unsafe due to the mushrooming encroachments.

Carnival Mode

“Mini Bengal” as CR Park is often addressed as, is incomplete without a mention of Durga Puja which is a very important part of the Bengali culture. It is the biggest festival of the Bengalis and the area dons a completely different look during the period of the puja. Over the years the celebrations have become grander with elaborate pandals being made for the puja. There are as many as six samitis which take care of the organization of the puja across Chittaranjan Park.

The artists and artisans camp in CR Park days before the celebration start and arduously prepare the idols which are covered from the outside so that they are only visible when complete. Even the mud used for them is brought from the river Hooghly in West Bengal. If one has to experience the vivacity and the richness of their culture, a visit to CR Park is highly recommended during the Durga Puja.

Sumptuous Food Affair

The Bengali influence on the food scene in CR Park is explicitly visible with so many food joints teeming with the Bengali cuisine. Maa Tara is located in Market 2 and offers delectable North Indian and Bengali delicacies. Kolkata Biryani House located in Market 1 and Dadu Cutlet Shop in Market 2 are other favourites of the locals. Annapurna Hotel in Market 1 and Waza in Market 2 offer a variety of North Indian, Mughlai and Bengali food at competitive prices. If you want to treat your taste buds to some oriental flavours then Flaming Wok is the place to be which offers one of the best Asian and Chinese cuisines in Chittaranjan Park. For desserts there is Kamala Sweets in Market 1.

With the famous Maa Kali temple, the archetypical Bengali addas, the lanes dotted with local shopping centers and everything that is Bengal makes up CR Park and it would be a loss no your part if you do not soak in the rich tradition and culture from this microcosm of Bengal.