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Chilli Chicken Momos, Chilli Garlic Noodles & More: Go Eat Your Fill @ Chanda Foods In Noida

Our love for momos takes us to mysterious places and we’re always game for it! In pursuit of tasting some of the finest dumplings, we found ourselves standing in front of a small shop, proudly flaunting its name on a pink board and working meticulously to serve its customers.

Going by the name of Chanda Foods, this place is situated on the first floor of Jaipuria Plaza in Noida’s Sector 26. Despite space constraints, their layout is very well planned providing ample space at the counter and also making available most of its space to the kitchen. Just outside the shop, they have a dedicated area to cater to the demands of momo lovers, and dish up lots of momo variants to choose from. It’s a take-away joint, and hence no seating is available. Although, in order to provide convenience while devouring their delectable dishes, they have laid down long tables just adjacent to the shop. The highlight of the place would be their quick service and their efforts in ensuring that every customer is served well within time without compromising on the quality of their offerings. They get a happy thumbs up from us for that!

Lost in the aroma of fresh momos, we gorged upon all of this:

Chilli Chicken Momos

Coming to Chanda Foods and not ordering this item is a sin! Twelve decent sized pieces of momos, filled with minced chicken, cabbage and onions and mixed with black pepper and black salt would best describe these momos. But wait, there’s more! These pieces of heaven are then stirred in red chilli sauce adding a tinge of spice to the momos and enhancing its flavour to the core! The momos were coerced to absorb the spices of the sauce efficiently. They were soft, squishy, evenly boiled and aptly stirred. Already salivating? So were we! 

Price | Rs 100

Veg Mushroom (Dry)

This item on their menu was the most sought-after item and thus became our obvious choice for our next order! We were astounded by the quantity of this item. Large mushrooms diced into halves, tossed with pieces of raw onions and capsicums, doused in their patent red chili sauce. The sauce was a tad diluted so that the mushrooms easily absorb the true essence of the spices used in the sauce. The mushrooms were evenly boiled and the soul of the sauce was felt vividly. Garnished with coriander, this dish tastes best when piping hot!

Price | Rs 80

Chicken Spring Rolls

We were a bit reluctant while ordering this item owing to the uncertainty with respect to the chicken used in the rolls. Nevertheless, we went ahead and we literally thank our stars for making us do so! Two decent sized rolls had a filling of pan fried noodles and minced chicken, onions, capsicums and cabbage (yum!). The use of soy sauce in making the noodles was the driving force of this dish. 

The chicken was ground in such a manner that we could taste it but couldn’t actually see it inside the roll. The ample use of pepper also played its part and its spirit could be tasted with ease. The only downside to this dish was the quantity which, we felt could have been more. Served with mayonnaise and chilli dip, this item is worth splurging on!

Price | Rs 80

Veg Chilli Garlic Noodles

Being in love with the chilli essence used by this place in spades, we were adamant in ordering their Veg Chilli Garlic Noodles. The noodles were evenly boiled, aptly cooked and had absorbed the soy sauce and vinegar perfectly, but the magic of their chilli sauce was absent. Complementing the price of this item, the quantity was splendid and had ample veggies which included baby corn, minced broccoli, cabbage, onions, capsicums and tomatoes. However, the spices used to make it picante were missing and that was a bit disappointing. The efforts put in by the chef did not meet our level of expectations.

Price | Rs 70

All in all, this place is quite an adda for young crowds and one will always find it swarming with youngsters till the time the place finally closes its shutters. The place is open till late, so don’t be surprised to find hungry souls hovering around to cater to their sudden hunger pangs. We will not shy away from saying that this place actually serves exemplary momos along with other scrumptious items which have found their place on the menu. Go, try them out and thank us later!

Location | 140 Jaipuria Plaza, Sector 26, Noida