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Chilled Beer + Snow Capped Peaks: How 'Bout Celebrating Oktoberfest In Old Manali?!


Taking Oktoberfest to a whole new level, how about hitting up Manali for the same and enjoying endless pints of beer with the beautiful view of the hills and chilly weather? Pack your bags and let’s go for this magnificent trip right away guys!! 

Being hosted in the heart of Old Manali, this Oktoberfest will beat all Delhi ones for sure! They’ve got some fantastic fresh brews, good food and groovy music, everything that’s needed to make your weekend even better, so go ahead and book away. Catch hold of some friends and make this Manali trip happen people! 

Planning & Plotting | They’ve got it all planned out with the starting point being Delhi from where you go up to Old Manali while chilling and eating on the way at certain cafes. Up next, they’re going to give you some space for ‘me time’, followed by a BYOB party, a Cafe Crawl *OMG*, a morning hangover walk to Jogni Falls (much-needed for obv reasons), a Lawn Breakfast and back! 

Good company, a view of the hills and getting tipsy on good beer, what more could we ask for? We’re heading over to the Old Manali Oktoberfest - are you in?! 

When | Saturday - Monday, 28th - 30th October
Where | Manali 
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