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Check Out This Solo Art Exhibition Intriguingly Entitled 'Child Within' Happening Tomorrow @ IHC

So Delhi 8 Sept 2017


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There’s an art exhibition starting tomorrow that all art enthusiasts have to attend for sure! It’s a solo art exhibition called ‘Child Within’ by Preeti Kodesia who’s a graduate in architecture and she used to design interiors for kids’ rooms. But fate had other plans for her!

It’s called Child Within as her exhibition is based on the two cornerstones of her life, children and their emotions! This series is an exploration of the different shades of a child’s emotions. She uses flowers as a representation of tender innocence, their colours evoke moods, moments and memories! 

So go ahead and do check out this amazing and meaningful exhibition for your dose of culture this weekend! 

When | 9th - 13th September
Timings | 10 AM - 7 :30 PM
Where | Convention Foyer, Indian Habitat Centre, Lodhi Colony