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Check Out This Beautiful Octagon-Shaped Tomb Tucked Away In Historic Mehrauli



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We’re always on the lookout for gorgeous historic monuments around the city and we stumbled upon this magnificent tomb in Mehrauli. Read on to find out about the next place you’re checking out with your camera in tow!

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Picture Credits: ghumketu

A Fierce Commander’s Humble Abode | Shams ud-Din Iltutmish was a powerful Sultan who is said to have completed the construction of the Qutub Minar. After a successful reign over Hindu lands, he met his end in 1236 and was buried in this tomb nestled in the Qutub Complex.

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Picture Credits: ray_kamsui_leung

The tomb is built in a beautiful octagonal shape but the history behind its construction still remains a mystery. Check out this hidden gem when you visit the Qutub Complex next - your Insta feed will thank you for it!

Where | Iltutmish Tomb - Qutub Minar Complex, Mehrauli
Timings | 6 AM - 6 PM