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Check Out These Epic Hacks on Nabbing That Last Metro Seat!

So Delhi 25 Jan 2016


Riding the metro is actually a gigantic struggle! Are you never being able to catch hold of a seat during long commutes? Us too! Here are some awesome hacks to grab that seat!

Let’s start shall we? First and foremost you mustn’t linger around the sides and go straight for the centre of the compartment in front of the seats and then look around for the right targets (lol, yeah really!). Trust us - do not stand in front of the stubborn and aggressive ones!

Steer clear of the sleepers and aunties with kids cause they’re not going to vacate the seats anytime soon! 

Lastly you must keep an eye out for who’s showing symptoms of getting up and leaving. 

Go grab ‘em people! All the best!

Source | The Huffington Post