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Check Out These Absolutely Adorable Bantas That Come In 3 Yummy Flavours by Retro!

So Delhi 11 Nov 2016


Bantas are now available in cutesy, twisted bottles and in three awesome, different flavours guys, all thanks to Retro - Be Desi. Looks like our fav childhood memory just got a fab makeover!

What’s New | This all-new banta is available in three different flavours, namely Twisted Banta, Asli Banta and Masala Banta. These cute bottles are available as of now in South Delhi only and at various pan walas and retail stores, but soon they’ll be expanding to other parts of Delhi too!

So to all those hygiene freaks out there who wouldn’t enjoy a bottle of banta because of the cleanliness issue, Retro has a solution for you!

Price Per Bottle | Rs 20
Check Out Their FB Page |