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Check Out The Rhyme Republic For Riveting Slam Poetry On Topics Like Gender Disparity & More

So Delhi 21 May 2019


Don’t you just love poetry and soulful ghazals? But when these soothing forms of art are used for delivering stirring and eye-opening messages, their power can bring about revolutions. Well, there’s an awesome organisation that does poetry and ghazals that are entertaining as well as hard-hitting.

Immerse Yourself In Some Slam Poetry & Soothing Ghazals | The Rhyme Republic is a poetry venture based in India and Pakistan. The organisation aims at creating an environment where poetry and art can strive beyond all worldly restrictions. Their events include exciting slam poetries, soulful ghazals and more.

Based on politics and the state of affairs in the world, these events touch on sensitive and critical topics including gender-disparity, racism & social injustices amongst others. This is a platform for all those looking for an outlet to give shape to their thoughts and a safe haven for people to listen and ponder on issues that are, more often than not, brushed under the rug.

So, if you’re looking for some eye-opening and protest poetry, you gotta check out The Rhyme Republic fosho. These folks post the details of their upcoming events on their FB page so keep an eye out for that!

Call Them | +91 8209 883 104
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