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Check Out The Preview Of This Ethical 'Label-Less' Brand's 1st Collection In Champa Gali

City Wire 3 May 2019


Tired of the same old boring trends being recycled every month? Wanna freshen up and add a dose of originality to your closet? Then you gotta break through the barricade of brands and head to this label-less brand’s launch!

Making Fashion Go Green | ‘We Are Labeless’ is an ethical brand that believes in the idea of sustainability, responsible consumption & production. They use organic sources of handwoven fabrics and believe in producing one-of-a-kind apparels. All of their pieces have unique hand-touched details and they give special importance to customization. Their exclusive first ever collection called 'Meeras' revolves around the idea of timeless heritage. At the launch, you can check out their collection, talk to them, get to know about their story and be inspired!

The collection consists of handloom fabrics and hand-adorned embroideries and there are gonna be lots of clothes to fawn over, talks on sustainability and what went on behind the scenes in the creation of this collection. They will also have an open discussion sesh, wherein all the fashion enthusiasts would be able to engage in debates about sustainable and organic fashion and much more!

So call up your fashion-savvy best friend, browse through their clothes, and go vogue this weekend!

Where | ColourfarmX - Champa Gali, Saket
When | Sunday, 5th May
Timings | 5:30 - 7:30 PM
Entry | Free
Call Them | +91 7889 763 339
RSVP On FB Here |
Check Out Their FB Page |