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Check Out Empire Alcobrev To Stock Up On All Your Booze For A Perfectly Jolly Diwali Party


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Huge festive Diwali parties with a round of teen patti or rummy is somewhat of a tradition for many families and the celebrations are obviously not complete without a glass of stiff drink on the side, to accompany the merriment. And if your idea of boozy Diwali parties involves the choicest of whisky, rum and vodka, we’re here to tell you all about the brand Empire Alcobrev, that’ll ensure that your home get-together this Diwali is a total hit with the fam! Read on to know more! 

High On Cheer And Joy! | Empire Alcobrev is a brand that seeks to produce the finest, most exquisite blends of alcohol to please every alcohol lover and give them a most unique and unmatched experience. They’ve delved into creating two brilliant sub-brands called Bottoms Up and Old Habbit which are super popular and will go perfectly well with that delish Diwali  Feast! On one hand, Old Habbit brings us outstanding whiskey and vodka made using the finest matured malt and grain spirits that guarantee the boldest of flavours,  and on the other, Bottoms Up carters to all the whiskey lovers that like their alcohol to have a rich malty flavour. 

We’re sorting out our Diwali plans this year by stocking up on these quality blends catered by Empire Alcobrev. What about you?! Go and grab your share of Old Habbit and Bottoms Up available at the nearest wine & beer shop for that hight-spirited seasonal festivities, and thank us later! 

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