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Check Into This Gorgeous 158 Year Old Hotel In Nainital That Has Pretty Lawns, A Library & More



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What’s the first thing that comes to our minds when someone says vacation? Hills, lakeside, a good book and lots of yummy food, that’s what! If this is what makes your heart crave a vacay too, then thank us peeps for we just found an amazing place for you to spend that much needed break, check it out! 

Beauty By The Hills | Built in 1860, Ashdale Boutique Hotel is a beautiful cottage in Nainital that was converted into a hotel in 2012 and is bound to leave you all awestruck with its splendour. Part of St. Peters Field, this cottage has a church and also a graveyard near it, how cool it that? This place has an old world charm about it that makes it an even more amazing place to stay at! 

The property has 24 luxe rooms with terraces that provide amazing views of the hills, a well-stocked library for all the biblophiles, a sun lounge where you can chill and a gourmet restaurant because no vacation is ever complete without some serious binging. There’s also a Recreational Parlour here where you can enjoy a game or two of poker or read a book while gazing at the old stone outdoor fireplace (#VacayPerfect).   

So, book a stay here and enjoy that much needed vacation that we all crave! 

Where | Ashdale Boutique Hotel - Court Road, Mallital, Nainital, Uttarakhand
Tariff | Rs 9,500 Onwards (As Recorded On 7th September, 2018) 
Call Them |
+91 6397 737 834
Book Your Stay Here |
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