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Central Market, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi

So Delhi 11 Apr 2018


The Tilak Nagar Central Market is located in the heart of Tilak Nagar and is bustling with activity during the most part of the day. The market can be accessed by the Tilak Nagar metro station on the blue line. Tilak Nagar metro station is one of the biggest stations on the blue line having a number of exits and one of them is dedicated to the Tilak Nagar Central Market. As one climbs a flight of stairs to exit from gate no. 1, the relative quiet of the metro station is broken by the commotion and noise of the market which possesses a character of its own.

First Impressions

One of the first things that strike you about the market is its density and distinct nature. As one exits the metro station, you are hounded by the rickshaw pullers who cling on to you like bees to honey. It does not matter to them whether you have to go across the road or deeper into the locality, the best thing to do is to be oblivious. 

The market area becomes extremely crowded as the day progresses, vehicular traffic and rickshaws join the shoppers in the evening a time when the market becomes choc-a-bloc. Tilak Nagar is primarily a residential area dominated by the Sikh community and as one moves deeper into the market one does find that some of the houses do serve as shops too. One should keep in mind that the majority of the market is closed on Wednesdays therefore plan the visit accordingly.

The Domination

This market is dominated by footwear and apparel showrooms. The main intersection of the market is dedicated to foot wear. The footwear shops cater to a wide class of spenders with Indian as well as western footwear being readily available. The cluster of footwear shops includes small outlets as well as big showrooms with some of the trusted names being Punjab Shoe Co, Max footwear, Om Boot House etc.  When one moves slightly into the market, all you can see is apparel showrooms. One can find a great variety of bridal, formal and casual wear at competitive prices.  Big brands such as Raymond, Indian Terrain, and Cotton County are present along with shops such as Dass Saree Emporioum, Mousam, Roop fashion etc.

Jewellery and Hosiery

The central market also has a fair number of Jewellery shops such as Lovely Jewelry, R.K Jewelry, Malik Jewelry etc. Although the jewellery shops are not as abundant as the footwear and apparel shops, they do a brisk business and the above mentioned shops are one of the more trusted names in ornaments. 

Located at one corner of the market is the cosmetics section which is flocked by women as the prices are very competitive and the collection is up to date. The hosiery section located in the same lane as the jewellery section is popular for its wholesale rates.


The central market has a limited but rich food palate with street food and Indian snacks being the major chunk of it. One can get delectable Samosas, Jalebis and Pani Puris at a number of shops, the most popular being Pachranga, Annapoorna, Spicy Spot.

Central Markets is one which offers you a wide variety of essentials in any shopaholic’s list - clothes, shoes and jewellery.