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Central Govt. Has Decided To Raise Speed Limit For Commercial Vehicles From 40 To 80 Km/Hr

Delhi Insider 23 July 2018


We come bearing some good news, folks! The Central Government has decided to raise the speed limits of various transport and commercial vehicles - read on for all the full details.

Here’s What’s Brewing | The speed limit for commercial vehicles that have a National Permit, All India Tourist Permit or an Interstate Permit has been raised to 80 km/hr from 40 km/hr. The same for tankers and vehicles carrying hazardous goods has been fixed at 60 km/hr within the city. For transport vehicles like school buses, the speed is set at 40 km/hr and the same for airport passenger buses is now 30 km/hr. 

Why this increase all of a sudden, you ask? The Central Government is basically trying to do away with speed governors or speed limiting devices for commercial vehicles that was imposed by the Delhi Government on the national capital back in 2017. For this, the Central Government will have to amend the Central Motor Vehicles Rules. 

So perhaps these commercial vehicles can move at a faster pace from now on and that’s good news, provided there are no accidents! 

Sourced Via Daily Pioneer