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Celebrating The Amazingly Viral Craze That is Pokemon Go, Here's a Pokewalk Happenin' in CP!

City Wire 12 Apr 2018


Picture Credits: Steve Browne

Uniting people around the world, acting as a conversation starter and making us reminisce the year 2001, Pokemon Go is the latest craze, and even though the game hasn't even been officially launched in the country, we've all got it thanks to our jugaadu buddies!

Reigniting the flame of love for Ash, Misty, Brock and let's not forget Pikachu, The Education Tree is hosting a Pokemon Walk in CP this Sunday. Pokemon lovers, we all know this is exactly what you guys have been longing for!

So fulfil your childhood desire of becoming an ace Pokemon trainer and clear your calendars 'cause you know you've gotta catch 'em all!

Where | Connaught Place
When | 24th July
Timings | 5 PM - 7 PM
Entry | Free
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