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Celebrate The Bond You Share With Your Pals With Suryaveer's New Friendship Day Anthem

So Delhi 2 Aug 2019


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People, there’s a brand new song that you can dedicate to your pals this Friendship Day, that’ll make you guys cherish your bond more than ever. This beautiful melody promises to be your jam and we’re here to tell you all about it!

Nothing More Special Than A True Friendship | The boy with the golden voice, Suryaveer, has made us swoon to a plethora of songs in previous years that have become widely popular like ‘Yaara Teri Yaari’, ‘Papa Kehte Hain’ and ‘Yeh Dosti’ among others and for this year's special release for Friendship Day, he’s come out with a brand new track called ‘Yaara Ve’ which we’ve been listening to on REPEAT!

This bop number will remind you of all the great & funny times you spent with your buddies and make you reminisce the good ol’ days. Sway to the beats and make your buds feel extra special by dedicating this peppy and melodious song to them!

Check Out The Video Here |