India prides itself on its multiculturalism and diversity, not only in terms of its geography but also the shades of language, food, culture and costumes that the Indian subcontinent reflects. In recent times, it can be said that we seem to have forgotten about our rich communal integrity that the country prides itself on.

Reclaiming Past Glories | However, there’s still a way to show that we care and that we’ve held fast to our roots. Here’s how! Starting today, our beloved DLF Place mall in Saket is about to flag off a month-long celebration of diversity in our land of colours! Called ‘Weaves of India’, visitors shall get to behold the variety of weaves our country boasts of.

What’s In It | Here’s what to expect during this celebration - from installations, knowledge sharing zones to exhibition and sale kiosks, giveaways, souvenirs as well as regional entertainment, the mall promises a myriad ways of reconnecting with our communal legacy and appreciating the diversity through Indian weaves and ethnic wear.

So head over to the mall and pick out those ethnic pieces reflecting India’s cultural diversity through brands such as Ritu Kumar, Biba, Preeti Mohan, Charming, Lakshita, The Shoe Garage, Satya Paul, TJs, Chai Point and others. Catch you at the mall over some sharara shopping then?

When | 15th July - 15th August
Where | DLF Place, Saket 
Ring Ring | +91 11 4606 4444
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