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Celebrate Diwali With These Innovative 'E-Crackers' That Operate Via Remote Control


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With the deteriorating air quality literally choking us Delhizens, we’re all opting for a Diwali sans crackers. But you know what? We came across these cool AF crackers that don’t pollute the air and give us the same amount of fun and pleasure. Read on as tell you! 

Check Out E-Crackers! | This time, many Delhizens are opting for these ‘e-crackers’ as opposed to the regular ones. These e-crackers are said to produce light and sound but no smoke, which is why they don’t pollute the air. And we think that’s pretty cool! These innovative crackers run on electricity and can be operated via a remote control.

These e-crackers resemble a string of crackers that you can now find at any cracker shop or even online. However, the only downer about these crackers is that these are a wee bit more expensive than our regular joe crackers. 

Expensive or not, we’re still happy that there is an eco-friendly alternative to normal crackers in the markets! So fellow Delhiites, this time, let’s go for a clean and green Diwali. Happy Diwali in advance to all of you!

Sourced Via The Times Of India