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Catch A Breath Of Fresh Air And Meditate Amidst Serenity At Shanti Van In Delhi



Ever thought about waking up early on winter morning just to watch that cold haze lift up from the city to be replaced by the warm hug of the sunlight? Well, in case you have, then this place is where you need to go next for that early morning walk because it definitely feels like a breath of fresh air!

Walking With Nature | Shanti Van is located in Rajghat and is the perfect location for all those of you who love to go for morning walks. Surrounded by the lush greenery of trees and grass, with the morning dew glistening on the leaves making them appear like they just had a bath, the sight is a treat for the nature lover. While you’re walking around the area, you’ll find people practising yoga, some are feeding the birds and while others are seen revelling under the warm winter sun.

This is the ideal spot for those of you who wish to read a book while listening to the silent chirping of birds. Offering serenity and quiet from the noise of the city, this one is a one-stop for all those of you who wish to seek refuge from the madding rush of the city.

Sounds like just the place that can serve as your refuge, isn’t it?!

Where | Shanti Van - Raj Ghat