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Happily Rent Out Nakrish Jewellery's Exquisite Pieces

So Delhi 20 June 2016


Fond of expanding your closet with charming baubles? We've all got organizers and cute boxes brimming with trinkets that are now gathering dust! 

If you're not in the habit of repeating your accessories after a couple of times, then Nakrish is tailor-made for you!

What's in store | You can rent accessories as per your needs from their collection at a fraction of the actual prices! They've bifurcated their collection, whereby you can rent bridal jewellery sets, style boxes, traditional necklace sets, fashion necklaces as well as bangles and bracelets and ethnic earrings.

Fashionistas, if your parties are endless but jewellery limited, Nakrish is going to prove really handy for you! 

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