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Cannot For The Life Of You Understand Gourmet Recipes? DM This Culinary Expert For Free Tips!

So Delhi 9 Sept 2017


Have the Instagram and Facebook videos of ‘Easy To Make’ dishes made you feel like a gourmet chef only to realise they ain’t all that easy after all? Those manicured ladies whipping and tossing food sure make it look easy, but who are we kidding, we almost burned our kitchen down trying ‘em out! So should we quit trying? Definitely not! Should you listen to us? Definiety! 

Meet Miss Aashna Narula, a graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, who is out to spread her knowledge through the power of social media. She’ll be handily posting pictures and videos of easy, yet interesting recipes that could be tried at home. Not just that Aashna will also be sharing her knowledge of different grapes that we enjoy in a glass AKA wine - and in particular, which wine to pair with what cuisine, and all you need to do is DM her!

So don’t hold back, she’s up to take questions and queries, so do drop in a message either on Insta or FB and get that oven fired up!

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