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Eat 3 Parathas (1 Ft. 6 Inches Long & 1 Kg Heavy) In 50 Mins & Win FREE Parathas For Life!


Picture Credits: ER Rohit Sharma

Are you a foodie? Are you up for a challenge to eat a paratha that weighs 1 kilo?! Woah, this is crazy! 

Tapasya Paratha Junction has these crazy huge parathas which are 1 feet and 6 inches long and weigh a kilo! These parathas are available in a bunch of different fillings like Aloo, Aloo Pyaaz Mix, Aloo Gobhi Mix, Pyaaz, Pyaaz Gobhi Mix, Mooli as well as some crazy parathas with rice as well as salad filling. That sounds cray! Plus paneer lovers listen up - they have an all-out separate paneer paratha menu which includes fillings like a mix of spinach, potatoes as well as channas with paneer! 

Since these parathas as super huge, head on over with your friends to eat this decadent and never-ending paratha! The challenge here is that if you can eat 3 of these parathas in 50 minutes you’re in for free parathas for the rest of your life! 

Let’s get our Punjabi belly out for some serious eating!

Where | Rohtak, Haryana