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Camping, Trekking & Grooving to EDM Tunes | Himalayan Music Festival is the Perfect Getaway

City Wire 14 Oct 2020


A camping trip, a trek and a music fest all rolled into one is just the kind of getaway we had in mind and we’re so glad that the Himalayan Music Festival showed up at the right time!

Taking place in Mcleodganj, it'll include 2 days of rocking it out at the music fest, 2 nights of camping, breakfast and dinner for 3 nights and a trek to Triund! Feeling the adrenaline rush already?

If you're wondering what this trip holds for you let us paint you a vivid picture! Grooving to EDM tunes, breathtaking acts by fire dancers and performers (wow!), a visit to Bhagsu waterfalls, laser shows, flea markets besides much more will keep you entertained!

We're already feeling the musical high! Are you coming?

Where | The Great Himalayan Resort, Bhagsu, Mcleodganj
When | 6th - 9th May
Entry | Rs 11,450
Grab Your Tickets Here |