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Camping, Live Music, Adventure & Stand Up Comedy, Find All This At CampFest In Uttarakhand

So Delhi 29 May 2017


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How many of us refer to summer time as summer camp time? We do! And so we’ve got this awesome summer camp set for you guys called CampFest! 

CampFest is the celebration of life in its own form! Different people from different parts of the world travel to an offbeat destination in the Himalayas called Kanatal in Uttarakhand. All these different people get united amidst the surreal mountains, whispering pines, open skies & chilled nights! 

They’ve got everything covered from adventure activities to music, dancing, art and culture besides some marvellous artists who will make sure that you have a fabulous time! 

It’s a festival in a summer camp so you really wouldn’t want to miss out on it. 

When | 14th - 17th July 
Where | Kanatal, Tehri-Garhwal, Uttarakhand
Entry | Rs 2,000(entry) + Rs 6,500 onwards for stay
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