Its that time of the year when we’re all looking to run away to the mountains, into the world of cool breeze and picturesque views! Ah! Perfect! And these guys at Bikamp Adventures give you just that!

A Picturesque Haven | The peeps at Bikamp Adventures organise camps for all us happy travel addicts at some of the most exotic and offbeat locations in the country. So this summer, how about a date with Leh Ladakh under the starry skies? Or perhaps a getaway to the Aravallis, JUST 200 kms away from the city?!

While you’re camping away to glory, these guys are gonna give you full assurance on safety and hygiene in those beautiful cottage-like camps! Moreover, they also promise yummy and healthy food along with some really cool activities at the site. And when night dawns, be ready for a cozy lil bonfire! Perfection!

The bookings start in the month of May and are priced at Rs 2,150 per person per night, which includes breakfast and dinner.

So pack your bags RN and get campin’ you guys! 

Tariff | Rs 2,150 Per Person 
Call Them For Reservations | +91 9549 919 666
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