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Called India's 1st Engineless Train Running @ 160 Kmph Will Cut Travel B/W Delhi-Bhopal By 3 Hrs



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We’ve heard a lot about GPS, CCTVs and WiFi enabled trains. But engineless trains? Now that is something we REALLY are looking forward to. Scroll ahead as we tell you more about this super cool thing!

Did You Just Say Engineless Train? | Yes, you heard us right, engineless is how this train is gonna be. Okay so here’s the big news - come January 2019 and we Delhizens will witness the introduction of this train that’s sans engine, which’ll ply between Delhi - Bhopal, bringing down travel time between both the cities from eight hours to five. And this is gonna be India’s first engineless train that’ll run at the speed of 160 kmph, so awesome!

This new train has been named Train 18 or Semi-High Speed Train, as the Indian Railways would like to call it. The current Shatabdi takes almost eight hours to complete its journey between Bhopal and Delhi. So once this newbie train starts operating, which will be replacing the Shatabdi, we will be saving 3 hours of travel time, which is pretty great.

The Railways officials have said that the timings and fare of the new train will remain the same as the Shatabdi’s. The new train falls under the Make-In-India project and we really applaud it. The first prototype of the train will have 16 chair-car coaches, out of which, two will be executive chair cars with a seating capacity of 56, while the non-executive class will have a seating capacity of 78. 

With a stainless steel body, this train will be much bigger and more modern looking. The driver’s cabin will be at both the ends of the train, unlike the conventional ones. 

This is all too exciting and we can’t wait to board this one already. It’s unbelievable how the Indian Railways has progressed towards giving us such modern trains. Great job, guys! 

Sourced Via The Times Of India