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A *Biking Highway* Of Sorts! Delhi Will Get It's First Covered & Elevated 6 KM Cycle Track in 2018!



Cyclists, tired of having living in fear of being run over by bigger vehicles? Don’t worry, by the end of 2018, Delhi will most likely get its very own elevated and covered cycle track! Sweet!

Delhi Government has submitted the proposed design of a 6-km long, 20-feet wide cycle track that will start from Satpula drain to Barapullah. Cycling from Saket to JLN will now be possible and something that a lot of people would follow considering that the fear of being run over will be narrowed down to zilch! 

The proposal has been sent to Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure Centre and here’s hoping that they’ll approve it ASAP! Solar panels will be installed on the roof of the track and the main reason behind covering the track from the top is to make sure that cyclists are protected from rain as well as the scorching sun.

There will also be CCTV cameras installed to ensure safety of the commuters. Sounds awesome! 

Sourced Via Hindustan Times