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Buying A Car Might Get Harder As The Govt. May Limit Registrations Of New Vehicles



Delhi dwellers, we have news for you! Buying new cars might not be quite as easy in the future. Why you ask? Read ahead and we’ll give you all the details. 

Here’s What’s Brewing | The Delhi Government might put a daily cap on the number of new vehicles that can be registered in the city and that’s gonna make buying new cars a wee bit difficult. The idea behind this move is to fight traffic congestion and air pollution that is one of the most worrying issues in the national capital today. 

Roughly 1,850 vehicles are registered in the city on a daily basis, which is pretty substantial. Also, Delhi is home to more than 11 million registered vehicles and that’s the highest in India! OMG! 

Well, we’re actually happy about this proposed move by the Delhi Government to cap the number of vehicle registrations. We hope it pans out and helps in improving the air quality of the city! 

Sourced Via Hindustan Times