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Buy Your Potterhead Friends This Harry Potter Book That's Actually A Cute AF Lamp!

So Delhi 12 Sept 2017


Know of any Harry Potter fan whose birthday’s coming up? Order them this super cool lamp that will leave them spell-bound (pun intended) for sure! This webstore called Gingerline has the coolest products for you guys! 

They’ve got a book lamp, which has your fav HP novel with a bulb attached to it so as to act as a lamp you can handily out in your room! This ain’t all, they’ve also done the same with GoT books! They’ve got some more quirky products like test tubes as vases for single flowers, funky robotic lamps and so much more you gotta go see.

Relatively new, their concept is pretty spot on, and we’re totally diggin’ the products they’ve got. So go ahead, get some nice lamps for your room right away! 

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