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Buy Or Sell DU Textbooks & Notes At This Online Portal And Save Up On Money & Effort

So Delhi 10 Aug 2018


Hola DU students! Looking to sell those big fat textbooks now that the exams and semester are finally over? Well, did you guys know that there’s a personal OLX for all DU students where they can buy and sell books? Nope? Then come read on as we tell you about this amazing portal.

Your Very Own OLX, DUites! | There’s an online portal called PeekaBook that’s at your service if you wish to buy or sell college textbooks. This is how it works, the online portal is for DU students only as of now, where they can sign up and post about the book that they wanna put up for sale. And in case you’re buying, there’s a search bar where you can type in the name of the book that you’re looking for.

All you first year peeps, there will now be no confusion about where to buy your textbooks from anymore. And final year students, you’ll easily be able to dispose off all the ones you won’t need anymore, including your notes (that’s great!), and even make some money out of it, if nothing else! So, it defo is a win-win.

The portal works somewhat like OLX - you can fix a meeting with the person you’re trading books with at a central location and do the necessary exchange - it’s that simple! If you have any queries, you can contact them on their Insta handle.

Haven’t these people made procuring books just so easy? So, you guys don’t have to spend too much money on those expensive books anymore. Go, log into this portal now and start buying or selling!

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