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Buy A Bag & Get Over It: Michael Kors Graces GGN's Ambience With A New Outlet

Style Scout 25 June 2017


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International fashion sensation Michael Kors has opened an all new outlet in Gurugram’s Ambience Mall and we’re already drawing cash from ATMs!

Gurugram-ers, rejoice a lil ‘cause you can finally shop from your fave brand within your vicinity and wouldn’t have to come all the way to Delhi now. Ambience, GGN has an awesome new addition for you to check out. 

They’ve got a solid Delhi following already and we’ve been shopping our hearts out at their DLF Emporio outlet, it’s now time to get going at this new one now! 

Shop for drool-worthy bags, dresses, shoes and watches at this all new store and get your wardrobe all MK-ed up. Head on over and shop away ladies! 

Where | Ambience, Gurugram