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Bursting With Pop Colours, This Boutique Courtyard-Cum-Hotel In Kolkata Looks Ah-Mazing


Kolkata has this amazing little courtyard cum hotel that’s just too beautiful! The Corner Courtyard is the place to go to in Kolkata for a weekend stay or even for just a meal! 

Seven unique rooms named after the main colour highlighted in the room like Indigo, Charcoal, Crimson and Ivory, this hotel is by far the most colourful yet totally classy hotel we’ve ever come across! Cute lil’ canopies over the bed, floral print upholstery, their rooms are works of art and will surely leave you happy staying there.

They’ve even got a patisserie, a casual dining space plus a bar there accessible to all. Whether you’re staying there or just visiting for a meal, head on over here! 

Come stay at this amazing and colourful place right away! 

Where | 92B Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata 
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