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Buff Chowmein & Other Tibetan Delicacies @ This Hidden Gem In Majnu Ka Tila

Dilli Glutton 21 June 2017


Majnu Ka Tila is well known for the labyrinth of small and intimate eateries as well as stores where you get super unique and quirky apparel! And in those galliyan, we went and sniffed out this amazing little food joint called The Big Apple that serves some delicious Tibetan grub.

What’s Cookin’ | Everything from Buff Chowmein to Crispy Fried Sesame Chicken, Spicy Korean Chicken, Petsel Tofu, Chicken With Bok Choy, Stuffed Buff Sausages and so much more. And that’s not all, they’ve got special Nepalese, Tibetan and Bhutanese Thalis as well! YUM! 

They’ve even got a good variety of momos here going from buff to potato and cheese plus spinach too! Whether you’re looking for Thukpa or for Powtse, we’re going and ordering right away. 

With flavours so strong and authentic, we’re already mentally there!

Meal For Two | Rs 500
Where | 43, 48, Dazang House, New Camp, Majnu Ka Tila
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