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Budget's Out - Scroll Through These Useful Snippets & Be in The Know

So Delhi 2 Mar 2016


The Budget was just rolled out and all we want to know is how it’s going to affect our daily expenses. Dilli wallahs the government has again conspired to burn a hole in your pockets but hold that thought - it’s not all that bad!

Here’s why you gotta love it:

  • If you’re planning on getting your startup up and running, now’s the time to do it cause you’ll get 3 years of tax exemption. Nice!
  • Income tax for people earning less than one crore hasn’t been changed at all.
  • A few items like refrigerators, solar lamps, routers, modems and set top boxes will get relatively cheaper.
  • Liquor prices have remained stable so party animals needn’t worry at all!

Here’s why you’re going to crib:

  • Branded clothes priced above Rs 1,000 are going to get costlier, so you’ll have to dig deeper!
  • Big-ass SUV’s are going to get pricier, as a 4% tax has been now imposed on them.
  • Buying a diesel car is also going to pinch a little more thanks to a new 2.5% tax.
  • Flights have also joined the expensive club, as the tax on aviation fuel has gone up by 6%.
  • Each cigarette on an average will cost you atleast Rs 1 more so you can expect a pack to be Rs 20 more.
  • Soft drinks like our beloved Coke would cost 3% more too.

So here’s the budget in a nutshell, and you needn’t sift through those massive articles or listen to long speeches. We all know it was going to be a big bummer so there’s nothing to be upset about really!